7 Feb 2018

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The time will come when most people will live to be 100. Today, I’d like to talk about “When I will be 60.”. To get to the point, I wish I will be working at the time. There’re 2 reasons.

First, Japan is facing an aging population and a low birthrate. In 2054, I will be 60 years old and world’s population will increase from approximately 7billion to 9billion. However, Japanese population will decrease from 130million to less than 100million. This means that almost half of Japanese population will be over the age of 60. In other words, it’s an economic imbalance of workers and people of retirement age. So, each member of the younger generation would pay their insurance so that each of senior generation could draw their pension. In addition, when I will be 60, I’ll live for another 40 years. I guess it’s impossible to live without working. Therefore, I think I have to work when I am 60. This might be a negative reason.

The second reason is paradigm shift. In Japan, it was common sense to study for 20years, work for 40years and relax for 20years from this day. However, I expect these customs will disappear. In the future, we can choose diversified ways of life. We can study anything concerning our interest, whenever, wherever, whoever. It will be natural to get a side business to own a business and to change jobs. I can work when I will be 60 because of that society. I believe this is a positive change.

I have no idea what I will be doing 40years later, but I must be having a great time at that time. For the above reasons, I think I will be working when I will be 60. To have a good time of my life, I’d like to study a lot.
Thank you.
does this sound natural?

I'm preparing a 3 minute speech for a speaking test at language school. "When I am 60"
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