17 Feb 2018

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Question about English (UK)

I don't know if I am right, I would appreciate your help:

Fill the blanks with one word (the topic of the words is related to work or jobs):

- I'm o..... work at the moment. I'm on maternity leave. (Maybe the word is "off"?)

- I have the opportunity to travel, which is something I appreciate. I have good pr..... in this job. ("Prospects"?)

- I'm only on a short-term contract, so I have no job s..... (Could it be "security"?)

- I was made re...... There were two many workers and the company was losing money. I've been o..... of work for three months now, but I hope to find a job soon (I can't work this one out)

- I was sa..../fired from my last job. My boss didn't like the way I worked.

- I've been doing some voluntary work at the local community centre. It's un....., but at least I'm getting some more work experience.

Thanks in advance!!!

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English (UK)

English (UK)

English (UK)

English (UK)

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