18 Feb 2018

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Question about English (US)

I have some exercises about travel, journey etc. Could you check is it correct? 😇
1) I have just spent 2 month travelling around Europe
2) Where do you usually mąkę your tours?
3) We want to travel the vineyards in Argentina
4) How do you usually like to travel? By land sea or air?
5) The bus travel to the pyramids were amazing!
6) Have you read the book Gulliver's its fantastic!
7) Do you like reading books by travel writers?
8) Their trip to the South Pole was a great success
9) What's the longest plane travel you have ever taken?
10) Our sighting tour around Barcelona was very informative
11) Her school is organising a skiing trip to the Alps
12) How long is your journey to work?
13) Which airlines do you usually travel?
14) I love to traveling

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