24 Feb 2018

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Some people think that virtual Internet communication results in losing real-life social skills. Other people have an opposing opinion. Let us consider this problem.
In my opinion, the Internet is not a reason of losing social skills in real life. Firstly, a person can save social skills and to be a user of the Internet. Secondly, a person can use the Internet for getting new knowledge. He can know a lot of beneficial things about everything. Finally, a person can find many friends by the Internet from any part of the world. It may help to learn other culture and nations.
Nevertheless, we can find a contrary point of view. Some people believe that virtual communication makes people forget about real life, as a result, they do not want to socialize with people. It is difficult for them to realize their dreams and gain success. Also they think that the Internet causes social isolation and thus people suffer from loneliness.
However, I cannot agree with this opinion completely because communication in the internet make some people more confident. In the Internet they can find support and some beneficial advice. They feel free and can say all what they think.
In conclusion, I would like to say that people should find a balance between virtuality and reality and learn how to use the Internet with benefit.
does this sound natural?

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Russian Near fluent

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