25 Feb 2018

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After years of setbacks, artificial intelligence(AI) has made a comeback, nearly waltzing in every walk of life from translating languages to pinning down faces and voices. The world was shocked to hear that a Go grandmaster was heavily defeated by a computer called AlphaGo. The trashing of the human professional has sparked a lively debate on AI and its impact. In one sense, this match demonstrated the historical moment in the development of AI, while some experts concern that AI may lead to more reduncies and a social safety issue. From my point of view, such caveats are not justified at all on condition that fundalmental rules are set ahead.
First and foremost, with the development of AI, plenty of jobs appear, such as smart robot seller, AI consultant. Although intellengent machines can take place of certain employees, these employees can try other jobs requiring empathy, creativity or sicial interactions, which AI might never achieve.For instance, nowadays, replacing bank tellers with ATMs makes it cheaper to run a new branch and creates more posts on sales and customer service. Therefore, the emergence of AI tends to bring about new work chances.
does this sound natural?

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