4 Mar 2018

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Question about English (US)

guys, can you check it please.

1. But for the Guinness Book of Records, we wouldn't have found out about lots of extraordinary people and their accomplishments.
2. But for the efforts of president Carter, the number of the unemployed would have reduced by over a million in 1977.
3. If it had not been for Watergate scandal, president Nixon would not have had to resign.
4. The government wouldn't have imposed a ban on the electro goods import, if it had not been for a desire to support their manufacturer.
5. If it had not been for hardworking and great efforts, they would not have all they set out to do.
6. If it were not for a good sense of humor and natural optimism, he would consider his situation hopeless.
7. If it were not for a lack of working experience, college alumni would not face difficulties with employment.
If it were not for a lack of a professional training, Stevenson could aspire to a managing position.
9. If it had not been for the support of relatives and friends, she would not have succeeded to complete the course.

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