5 Mar 2018

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Space exploration was the greatest achievement of the 20th century.
Some people think that space exploration was the greatest achievement of the 20th century. Other people have an opposing opinion. Let us consider this problem.
In my opinion, there are a lot of significant inventions in the 20th of century apart from space exploration. First, the airplane was invented, which is now the fastest transport in the world. Today it is impossible to imagine the development of business or leisure without airplanes. Second, there was also a breakthrough in medicine. An X-ray was invented, penicillin and stem cells were discovered. These inventions have been helping to save people’s lives. I think it is more significant space exploration.
Nevertheless, we can find a contrary point of view. Some people believe that space exploration is significant for humans. They think it will be great if humanity finds another planet on which we could live because there are numerous environmental problems in the Earth.
However, I cannot agree with this opinion because space exploration is very expensive and has no positive impact on our society. In my mind, scientists should strive to ensure decent living conditions on Earth, and that government, should finance road construction, the conservation of nature, and education instead of space exploration.
In conclusion, I would like to say that there are different opinions about this problem, but I still think that space exploration was not the greatest achievement of the 20th century.
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