13 Mar 2018

Closed question
Question about English (US)

Help me with English, please:) Check the sentences and find mistakes.

1.    He offered to take me home.
2.    My stylist offered me new hairdo.
3.    Don’t offer to me burgers!
4.    When I was a child, someone offer me to buy “Harry Potter”.
5.    The number of jewelry shop offer more than 50% discount in the March.
1.    This business plan was suggested by Martin Kim.
2.    Our basketball team captain suggested to change strategy of play.
3.    I was suggesting to my mom go on sea this summer.
4.    When my boyfriend suggested me going out for a dinner after work, I was really surprised.
5.    My group’s student suggest to gift a flower to the professor.
1.    I’d like to propose two candidates to fill this vacancy.
2.    He proposed to his girlfriend in the rock festival.
3.    Anna proposed to check out this cabinet for new manager.
4.    On the ecological conference professor proposed to reduce power consumption and turn off the light right now.
5.    I know that in some countries women can propose to his boyfriend on the day of the Holy Owald.

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