31 Mar 2018

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Question about English (US)

Hi,everyone. There is a self-introduction.

Hi,everyone. Firstly,thank you for the interview. It's my pleasure to have this opportunity to join your airline. Now I'll introduce myself briefly.
My name is XX. You can call me Francis,which is my English name. I graduated from XX University,and my major is Electrical & Information Engineering. I have had a year's work experience,and now I'm a software engineer.
As for my character. I think I'm a mature and calm person. Besides,I have a sense of responsibility.
When I was young,I was curious about everything in the sky,especially birds and airplanes. Flying dreams used to drive me crazy. So It's because of dream that I decide to give up the present job and come here. If I can be a pilot through this chance,I firmly believe that I'll try my best to do it well.
That's all. Thank you for your attention and patience. Thank you very much.

That's all of my self-introduction. Could you help me in correcting my mistakes in grammar,or you can give me some advices.Thanks.
does this sound natural?

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