6 Apr 2018

Closed question
Question about English (US)

To Hinative administrator.

Thank you for the nice website.
But there are regretful things.
The person who wrote a question can delete all sentences relate it.

Of course, we can anytime delete sentences what we wrote by "ourselves".
But in common sense, we can not delete sentences what was written by others without reasons.
The sentences belong to each writer.
Strictly speaking, we have the copyrights each our sentences.

Though, here, the questioners can delete all comments of answers to his/her questions.
It is never common sense.

A while ago, I and somebody wrote comments against a question.
I had interested in other's comment. Ser/his comment is the same opinion to mine, or not? I tried to read it.
But I can not read it.
Because they don't exist now. Because the question was deleted by the questioner. by that effect, our comments/answers deleted together.

Typically, even if the questioner deletes his/her question, other comments sustain.
But here is different.

I hope you will change this system.

I respect you, I believe you, so I wrote this.
Thank you.


English (US) Vietnamese Near fluent