7 Apr 2018

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I would be happy, if u check this sentence:)

・The way you have developed ideas and concepts.
I picked up the keyword from the researches, and then I had the brainstorming from the keywords. I repeated expanding ideas by brainstorming, and narrowing down ideas by summarizing. For example, I choose the keyword of "filter", and then I expand the concept and material of “filter” by brainstorming. Then, I developed ideas by making and drawing with the concept and materials. Furthermore, when I was unable to expand my ideas, I went to Pound-shop and tried to various materials with what I feel. Then, I talked to my tutor about my project many times to get the objective opinion and narrowing down the concept and idea. I thought that how many times I repeated this process (expand and narrow down) was literally important, because the idea was refined while I was repeating this process.

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