15 Apr 2018

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I love the song "Shoot the moon" by Norah Jones.
But I can't perfectly understand the meaning of the whole lyrics and
some lyrics in the song really confuse me.

I have several questions.

Below is the whole lyrics and after an arrow mark(->) there are my questions about the lyrics.


The summer days are gone too soon

'You shoot the moon

And miss completely'

-> What does this lyrics mean?
you take a risk and fail completely?

I've heard that the phrase "shoot the moon" is from the card game 'Hearts' and it means taking a big risk and if you succeed, you'll get a big success.

And now you're left to face the gloom

The empty room that once smelled sweetly

Of all the flowers you plucked

'if only You knew the reason'

-> Is it the same meaning as 'I wish you knew the reason' ?

'Why you had to each be lonely'

-> In this lyrics, why is there a word 'each'?
The subject is a singular form 'you' not 'we'.
If possible, can you suggest another sentence having the same meaning?

Was it just the season?

Now the fall is here again

'You can't begin to give in'
-> what does 'give in' mean? surrender?
In my short knowledge of English, I have no idea except for surrender.

It's all over

When the snows come rolling through

You're rolling too with some new lover

'Will you think of times you've told me'
->here, Is it possible to use other words like 'would you', 'can you', or 'could you'?'

That you knew the reason

Why we had to each be lonely

It was just the season


Please help me out!!
I want to know the meaning of the song perfectly and enjoy it better!

If you're a fan of Norah Jones, please don't ignore me!!

Hope you guys let me know the meaning!

Many thanks in advance!!

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English (US)

Korean English (US) Near fluent

English (US)

Korean English (US) Near fluent
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English (US)

Korean English (US) Near fluent

Korean English (US) Near fluent
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