15 Apr 2018

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Question about English (UK)

Please, could you correct these sentences for me?
1) She didn't see me, so I was about to go over to her and say "hi" when something stopped me from doing so.
2) I feed stray dogs, get them vaccinated, wash them, play with them and put on collars so that people think they have owners and refrain from hitting them.
3) She holds an infinite amount of hatred towards dogs for an unknown reason.
4) He has only one friend with whom he is not very close.
5) He does jogging. He wakes up every morning at 6 and goes for a jog.
6) He never invites people in his apartment as this is his sacred sanctuary. He says that these are his personal living quarters and he wouldn't like to share them with anyone else except his dog.
7) I tend to overthink and I have extremely irregular sleeping patterns.
8) He hates talking about school as he connects it and everything within a one-kilometer radius from it with extreme negativity.

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