25 Apr 2018

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Okay, so this is actually the same question as a couple of hours ago. XD I'll copy-paste what I said because I am lazy. XD I'm curious about how some words are used and if they are or they are not common nowadays. I checked them out in the dictionary before writing them here, but sometimes the dictionary is not enough XD I would write the word and how I would use it. Please correct me! And tell me if they are currently used! Thanks a lot!

-Rear: is this the exactly same as "to raise"? Is there any situtation where you can use raise and not rear or rear and not raise?

-To cram: Is this similar to "to put"? I think it would be similar to the Spanish "meter", but I am not sure. I'd say: I crammed all my clothes into the wardrobe. I got hurt because I had my hands crammed into my coat and I couldn't stop the fall.

-To rove: She's been roving all day outside her exgirlriend's house.

-To damp: You should damp that fire because it gets worse.

-Trimming: I bought a jacket with a lot of trimmings.

-Pleat. I am just not sure how this one is used, could you please give me an example?

-Dimple: He has cute dimples when he smiles.

-To jab: I jabbed myself when I was sewing this morning.

-To buckle to: We've been procrastinating too much, we should buckle to out work.

-To accost: My friend got scared when you accosted her in the library the other day.

-To jostle: I don't really like those kind of concerts because people are jostling each other all the time.

-To gad: What I like the most about going to new cities is gadding around discovering cool places.

-To heave: We're moving out, so my mom has been heaving boxes all day.

-Grimly: I think your boyfriend doesn't like me very much, he always looks grimly at me.

-Doze: She's really exhausted because of the trip. She's going to have a doze now.

-To beguile: He's easy to beguile when he's drunk. They beguiled me into signing that contract.

-To droop: My uncle brought me flowers, but they are drooping. I think I'll go home now, my kids is really tired and her eyes are already drooping.

This is all for today. Thank you so much again!

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