25 Apr 2018

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‎‎‎‎If you want to speak English automatically ,fluently and confidently, you must have a couple of abilities including: the ability to catch every sigle word while listening , the ability to speak clearly and without hesitation,the ability to understand slangs ,idoms and every sentence wihile reading a nevol or listening to a native speaker,ect.To reach the goals,as a beginer of learning English we might try to memorize new words, study grammars, correct pronunciation and listen to the English talk,etc.Above all ,the most important thing which i think have the priotity to do is listening to the English talk every single day.To listen to native speakers easily and clearly,it takes much more thime than the time we spent in any other abilities.So take your mp3 player and listen to the English talkshow anywhere and anytime.
Does it sound natural? If not ,Could you help me correct it? 这个表达自然吗?
does this sound natural?

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English (US)
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