29 Apr 2018

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Could you please correct what I've written below?

In China, there was a custom of purifying the body by the water, holding a fest and exorcise at the “Joshi Festival” on March 3rd. Eventually in Japan, an unique version of “Joshi Festival” was born by the mixture of China’s custom, and Japan’s ancient thought about exorcism called “Misogi-harai” and a tradition of letting dolls (called “Hitogata”) made by plants and paper in the river.
Meanwhile, activities using paper dolls were popular among girls of aristocracy. This was called “Hiina (dolls) Asobi (game) ". It is thought that the game was linked to the tradition of letting dolls in the river, and the "*Nagashi-bina"event was born.

In the Edo period, since the art of making dolls was improved, Hina dolls became gorgeous. Consequently, the dolls were considered as decorations for home like today's “Hinadan-kazari” (Hina dolls display).

*Nagashi-bina: paper dolls floated downriver

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