30 Apr 2018

Closed question
Question about English (US)

Hello, I am Futa. I belong to the faculty of economics.
I’m from Japan.
Do you know Daigo of Chidori? He is a comedian born in my hometown, so as you can image, my hometown is DOINAKA . However, he lived island, while I did not live island. This is important point. Therefore I did not live in such a rural area.
My birthday is April second, so I am 19 years old. This year is last teen age. I want to enjoy last year.
Now, I live alone. So I need to cook by myself, but I am a poor cook. I hope you to give me some advice about cooking.
I like reading comic books. Please tell me your favorite ones. My favorite one is KINGDOM.
I am a shy but I hope to be friends with you.
That’s all. Thank you for listening.

Are these sentences natural?
does this sound natural?