1 May 2018

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Could you please correct my mistakes ? Even if it's completely awful, try to improve it in some ways, please . Best school trip moment
From the 8th to 13th of April I went on a school-trip with my classmates and teachers .
We cycling from Reggio Emilia to Gultieri where we visited the museum of Antonio Ligabue ( a famous Italian painter known for his mental problems and attitude to self mutilation .We had dinner and slept on a hostel , near the river PO’ .
The next day we had lunch , we get on our bikes and then straight forward to Mantova . The first day it’s been the tougher one, cause I hadn’t never cycling that much till that day ; but then I started getting used to it and from then on, everything went just fine and I started really enjoying the travel .
Now I am going to talk about what I consider ,the best part of this experience .
The fourth day we went from our second Hostel where we stayed for 2 daysl (near Mantova , like 20km far away) to Mantova by sailing the river Mincio on boat .( ferry)
At 11 pm we pick our bikes , put them on onother boat that brought them and then we got into the boat.
There we met Denny, our tour guide , a really cool guy who show us how to whistle with a leaf , how to make a small boat with it and other interesting stuff.
He grew up there so he knew very well every corner of the river and the many speciecies that live there which he talked to us for a while .
I had the opportunity to see a lot of animal like swans , ducks and other strange birds with a thin neck .
There were a lot of them and some were fighting , other instead were just flying , showing us their huge swings .
It was cool because everything was just relaxing , the sun was shining but there was a little bit of a breeze .
We arrived to mantova in 2 hrs , took our bikes and we visited the city . The finniest thing was this swean , Sergio , that Denny menaged to tamed and brought to us just by whistiling and shouting out loud his name . He went near the boat and started kissing Denny and Umberto , one of my friends.
Alfano. 3^C

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English (UK)

English (UK)
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