7 May 2018

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Question about English (US)

* I wrote 3 writings to want to know my English and writing level.
Would you please rate it after reading? the score range 0~10.
Also, I want to know where I should put my English symbol level.
(symbol level : Beginner, Beginner-Intermediate, Intermediate, Advanced)
All of writings were written within about 5~10 minutes.

For non-native speakers, especially Koreans and Japaneses, it is, needless to say, so enormously hard a task to use prepositions to be correlative with contexts in that their languages have nothing to do with English on the whole. So, it, surely, should be avoided for learners to memorize prepositions in accordance with their mother tongues and preferred to throw out such a bad behavior.

In the island live cruel people. They jail in their island innocent people who especially have not any job or are somewhat duller than normal people to use them as not only for their slaves working on such hard things as making salt from the sea water or fishing on a weak boat far away from the shore, but also as sexual slaves only for their happiness and earning money. It is shown to be shocking to ordinary people because we have never undergone or experienced such a non-understandable situation, and what's more it can be seen at most on movies or history books. Anyway, it is really happening in these human-rights-set-up days, so we should have to seriously converse with politicians on this insane affair to save such people from having been treated badly. I don't understand why our Korean civilians have not been interested in it even though it is their hobby to insist on their rights whenever facing the circumstance that is not to be up to their expectations.

I think that acne scars are essentially different from other scars in that it can be resurfaced after removing fibers pulling down outer skin. Fibers are to be made after pimples disappear no matter how treated naturally or unnaturally, so it must be priority to prevent your face from having scars to go to a dermatologist who you can believe in to heal them out clear as soon as pimples get to appear on your face. It is the best treatment I can tell you as far as I know. Anyway, I hope it helps a lot.
does this sound natural?

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