29 Jul 2016

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What does "You wounded, friend?" mean?
Does it mean "Are you wounded?" ?
If it is right, I don't understand why it is "you wonded".
(I write context below)

Then a shadow passed overhead, blocking out the sun. Arlo looked up and saw a group of Pterodactyls, giant winged reptiles, flying in formation like a search-and rescue team.It seemed that they were looking for signs of life in the wreckage below. Arlo was overjoyed to see them and figured they could help him get home. He urgently called up to them, waving his arms "Help!"
But as soon as Spot saw the Pterodactyls, he scurried off to hide.
Three Pterodactyls touched ground in front of Arlo as the others continued on their way.
"You wounded, friend?" asked one.
"No, I'm not hurt," answered Arlo.
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