15 May 2018

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could someone check it and correct possible mistakes?

Havin a friend is something that everyone needs in their life. It is not important if you have something in common, but the character is the only thing that matters. You may differ in appearance, age and interests and still be best friends. For me it is enough to be supportive, understanding and trustworthy.
First of all, a good friend is the one that you can rely on. If they can support and reassure you in hard times, they are certainly worth your friendship.
The second important thing is to be understanding. Only then you can tell your friends your biggest fears and be sure they will not laugh at you or find you weird.
The last character trait (?) is being trustworthy. If you are able to share your secrets with them, then you re really lucky.
Making friends is an extremely difficult issue, but if you finally find one, you better keep them close and do not let them go, because you may never find someone who would successfully replace them.

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English (UK) Irish

English (UK) Irish
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