17 May 2018

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Hello, everyone. Do you know BTS? BTS finished their first stage at the 2017 Billboard Music Awards and even released their new songs in LA a week ago. They have thus set their first records as idols since last year, including the Billboard Top Social Artist Award, the Hot 100 entry, the 2017 American Music Awards solo stage, and overseas tour concerts. I introduced BTS suddenly because I want to talk about them. How could they set a great record? It is no different from other artists to say that it is based on ability and charm. So, what are their differences? Also, many experts say, ' BTS will not be a flash star.'. So, how can they continue to gain popularity abroad?

With so many people interested in these questions, there are a lot of people who have analyzed their reasons for success. I'm going to talk about them as a four-year fan of BTS.


First, they chose smartphones instead of TVs. Many say this is one of the reasons for the success of the BTSs. The media they use is mainly YouTube and Twitter. On YouTube, there is a video called ' BANGTAN BAMB ', which is called a self-manufactured entertainment video. BANGTAN BAMB has 421 video clips that have been uploaded since its debut, including small everyday routines, exercise scenes, and conversations with fans other than stage appearances and broadcast appearances. However, compared to these activities, there are far fewer appearances or commercials on TV. Why did they choose to watch videos on their smartphones instead of TVs? Unlike TV broadcasting or advertisement, our own entertainment shows not only individual members ' charm but also each other's kemi. When we play with our best friends, we are more expressive and attractive. They knew that too.

How was Twitter used? People in their teens and twenties are very interested in idol groups. They usually use smartphones. By communicating closely to them as being closest to them, they have made it easier to approach the appeal of the BTSs. And I think the music activity on Twitter has had a huge impact on the creation of pandom. Post a draft of their own songs, or cover songs, their unpublished songs, and their work process of the songs on Twitter. They don't want to be profitable and they have their own ideas or messages. A singer is a job that makes money by selling songs, but they reveal their songs for free. People who watch it think they're really interested in music and they really like it. I would say that it really communicates with songs. And most of these activities take place during inactive periods, with the illusion of activity.


The second is connecting with the story of music activity on Twitter. They participate in singing and planning. There are a lot of idol groups who make and act on their own songs these days, but they make so many songs that one can say it is a BTS. Everyone is interested in and loves music, and everyone is involved in making the album. One of the most popular albums is " WINGS, " and each member of the album has produced a solo piece, which has been a huge success. They express their own songs, sing and perform their own songs, but in group songs, everyone shines in harmony by participating in the songs. When they express a song they produced and participated in, it can truly be delivered and captured by listeners.


Finally, they got a good chance. This could be because of their effort or just their luck. In 2012, Psy introduce K-pop to the world with the song ' Gangnam Style. ' And a year later, the BTS made their debut. They are constantly posting videos on YouTube, and they're filming an American entertainment show. Americans are beginning more interested in K-pop and one idol stands out at this time. That idol group is BTS. Americans naturally watch BANGTAN BAMB and use Twitter, and they have got to know their own songs and projects, and they gaining more and more fans. Those who become fans tend to become big fans, not light fans, and grow bigger.

There are so many other reasons that they were successful. But the main reason for the top ranking is their efforts. BTS is steadily growing because of their hard work.
does this sound natural?

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