8 Apr 2015

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Good morning everyone,it's my honor to stand here again to have this speech,and today,my topic is "culture".
As we all know that " China is a country with 5,000 years of cultural tradition,it has its own unique values and ethnics".So,today I'd like to talk about some Chinese traditional culture.
Because time is limited,so I want mainly to introduce the Peaking Opera,China's essence,national opera, it has been 200 years old,enjoying high reputation both at home and abroad.Although it is called Peaking Opera, the origins of peaking opera are not in Beijing but in the province of Anhui and Hubei.And there are 4 types of the role:Sheng,Dan ,Jing,Chou.It is main male role in Sheng,young and beautiful female in Dan,painted faced male in Jing and clown,male or female in Chou. Have you ever seen the Beijing opera?if not,you can go to watch it,I am convinced that it's an amazing performance.

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Simplified Chinese (China)

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Simplified Chinese (China)