2 Jun 2018

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Question about English (UK)

Knock out--
Meaning: Exhaust
Example: Running errands all day really knocked him out.
Knock out--
Meaning: Complete, especially in haste; knock off
Example: They knocked out the entire project in one night.
Knock out--
Meaning: Cause a mechanism to become non-functional by damaging or destroying it
Example: The antitank gun knocked out the enemy tank.
Knock out--
Meaning: Communicate (a message) by knocking
Example: The prisoner knocked out a message on the wall for the prisoner in the adjoining cell.
Knock over--
Meaning: Bump or strike something in such a way as to tip it
Example: I knocked over a can of paint and spent the next hour cleaning up.
Knock over--
Meaning: Rob; to stage a heist of
Example: The bandits knocked over another bank, making three this week.
Knock together--
Meaning: Assemble something quickly; to knock up
Example: I’ll just knock together a quick demo.
Knock up--
Meaning: Put together, fabricate, or assemble, particularly if done hastily or temporarily.
Example: I’ll just knock up a quick demo for the sales presentation.
Knock up--
Meaning: Impregnate, especially out of wedlock
Example: I guess his summer plans are shot now that he knocked his girlfriend up.

Is the English here correct? Please I need help from people with a native English level, please. Thank you.

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