3 Jun 2018

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Question about English (UK)


Knock up : Impregnate , especially out of wedlock
E.g. I guess his summer plans are shot now that he knocked his girlfriend up .

Knock about : Spend time companionably; to hang around
E.g. I used to knock about with John when we were younger.

Knock together : Assemble something quickly; to knock up
E.g. I'll just knock together a quick demo.

Knock back : Stun; to surprise
E.g. I was knocked back by the sheer size of the hall.

Knock over : Rob; to stage a heist of
E.g. The bandits knocked over another bank , making three this week.

Knock down : Demolish
E.g. We knocked down the garden shed when we moved,

Knock out : Strike or bump out
E.g. I accidentally knocked out the glass in my picture frame.

Knock off : Bump or hit so that something falls off
E.g. Don't knock off the ornament with your clumsy arms.

Is the English here correct? Please I need help from people with a native English level. Thank you.

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English (UK)

English (UK)