4 Jun 2018

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Question about English (UK)

The difference between Do and Make

Work , Jobs and Tasks
Do the housework
Do your homework
Do a good job
Do your chores

Non-Specific Activities
Do something
Do nothing
Do anything
Do everything

Replace Verb when Obvious
Do your hair
Do the dishes
Do the exam
Do the laundry
Food , Drink and Meals
Make a cake
Make breakfast
Make dinner
Make a cup of coffee

Product Material / Origin
Made of gold
Made from grapes
Made in China
Made by me

Produce a Reaction
Make your eyes water
Make you happy
Make you sleepy
Make you smile

Plans and Decisions
Make arrangements
Make a decision
Make a choice
Make a plan

Speaking and Sounds
Make a noise
Make a comment
Make a speech
Make a suggestion

Is the English here correct? Please I need help from people with a native English level. Thank you.

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English (UK) Bengali Near fluent

English (UK) Bengali Near fluent

English (UK) Bengali Near fluent


English (UK) Bengali Near fluent