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Hi guys! I need you help, my english teacher asked us to do a simple written composition about whatever. i chose to write about the "geishas" I ask you If I done well, does the writing have coherence?


In the old Japan, there was some women that with their talent they entertrained their guest, these women are called "Geisha"
Geisha are tradicional Japonese female entertrainers who act as hostesses. They entretained doing various arts such as Japonese classical music, traditional dance,witty games and conversations. "Geisha" is a Japonese word that means "artist".

Geishas live in "Okiya", that is where they learn to be Geisha. From an early age is that they start their training as Geisha, at first the little girl had a "one-san"(Geisha greaten expirence) that she guides them in their way as Maiko until they become a Geisha. The "Maiko" (geisha apprentice) learn to use tradicional instruments (as taiko and shukunashi) and to dance tradicional dances. Also, they learned Japonese tea ceremony.

Their appearance, it based in that they use a long dress with varied prints it called "Kimono" this one goes to tie by "obi". They make up with a white base(it made of lead) the face, the nech, the cheast and hands, leaving the nape area clean. Also, they make up the lips of red and with charchol stand out the eyes brown and the edge of the eyes. Thair hair is colled and decorated with combs and hairpins.

Now, Geisha are still existing but their number has decreased.

They are icon in Japonese culture for their exoctic appearence.

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