11 Jun 2018

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What happens if all bacteria disappear from Earth?
In July, when the heat wave is so intense, there are unwelcome guests more frightening than mosquitoes. The guests often spoil food, cause cholera, tooth decay, enteritis and other infectious diseases, and eat away at the health of humans. The unwelcome guest is bacteria! But what if all bacteria disappear from Earth? Are you happy just imagining? Just in time, '*Bacterinos' showed up and started removing all the bacteria from the Earth to keep the peace of the Earth. He(Bacterinos) didn't even give us time to ask questions, he starts sucking in all the bacteria on the earth with a bacterial gauntlet. How does the world change when bacteria disappear? Will we be as happy as we can imagine?

*Bacterinos: 'Bacterinos' is a parody of the villain ‘Thanos’ in the movie The Avengers. In the movie, Thanos aims to eliminate half of the life in space.
does this sound natural?

If there are some awkward parts in my sentence, I would appreciate your comments.
I am translating an article that I wrote in Korean into English. I thought it would be nice for foreign children to read my article. I would appreciate it if you could correct any awkward sentences in my translation.
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