11 Jun 2018

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Could you correct any strange English in this conversation?

☆ Ok next, I'm going to talk about the salary system. You get 14 dollars for each private lesson, and 18 dollars for each group lessons. If at least one of your students shows up, then you can get paid. If your class is suddenly cancelled without any contact from students, then you still get the full salary, but if they call us in absent, then I'm sorry. You get paid only 30 percent of the money you're supposed to get for the class.
☆☆ Well, can I ask you something? 
☆ Sure.
☆☆ I'm thinking of as many classes as I can, then I will come here several days a week just to have tutoring classes, spending about an hour and a half. I think It's unreasonable if I can get only the 30 percent of the salary. I need to pay even 15 dollars as the train fare.
☆ Umm, I see. If that would really happen, I mean, if your students are absent without any notice, then I will take it into account, and decide if you should be treated specially, or the system itself should be changed. But you don't have to be so scared. To tell the truth, no students have skipped classes without leaves.

☆☆ I hope so. At my last school, some students often skipped tutoring classes for unreasonable reasons, though we could get paid full salary even in those cases.


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