16 Jun 2018

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‎Hi, I am 15 years old Korean student. I have a English speech project in my school on Monday. It's about a newspaper article after my dream came true. I hope you to correct grammatical errors or modify into natural sentences. ★ Plz ★
There was an affair that changed the future of East Asia in the UN Security Council. Last month, there was a council about urging self-reflection and sincere apology from Japan about Japanese brutality in the Japanese colonial era.
There was an ambassador Junyoung Kim who changed the Japanese attitude.
He had prepared evidences for several days all night.
He made a touching speech and showed powerful evidences to ambassadors and the prime minister of Japan in the council.
When it was the turn of Japanese prime minister, he suddenly said “I sincerely apologize instead of my ancestors. Now we are planning to found Japanese occupations museums all around the world.”
It was the first time that Japanese prime minister apologized. Many people think it was thanks to Kim's speech. Now ambassador Kim is praised by not just Korean president but presidents of other countries.
does this sound natural?

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English (UK)
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