16 Jun 2018

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Hey! I'm sorry I had been really busy studyng for my exama and I forgot to reply you. Are you coming today, aren't you?? I guess the girls are really excited!! Have you already planned what will you do? I had been talking with my fuengiloras friends but she didn't tell me a lot about where to go. Did you visited "castillo sohail" and "el parque fluvial"? They're both in fuengirola. Oh also i visited last month with my college the biggest stupa (an Indian buddhist bulding!!) of Europe and it's in benalmadena!!
I'll finish my last big exam next wednesday so we can meet whenever you want!!! I'm so excited too (tbh I really forgot my English I haven't practice it for more than a year)
does this sound natural?

Could you help to correct me it? Please!!
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English (UK)
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