22 Jun 2018

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Question about English (US)

feel free to correct me if i say anything wrong or unnatual

1.There are some people at the cafe.
(몇명의 사람들이 카페에 있네요)

2.they are sitting on the chair, a old man is sitting in the center and other people are sitting on both sides of a old man.
(그들은 의자에 앉아있고 한 나이많은 사람은 중간에 앉아있네요 다른사람들은 그의 양쪽에 앉아있어요)

3.i think he is boss. they are doing a meeting and looks like a serious.
they must be somethins wrong.
(제 생각엔 그는 보스같아요 그들은 회의를 하고있고 심각해 보여요 분명 뭐가 잘못 됬나봐요)

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