24 Jun 2018

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I am writing this for a short story competition. This is merely the introduction. It is meant to be two thousand words long. Tell me what you think.

Steve opened his eyes. After lying helpless for hours, he finally rose to his consciousness. Truly, he was always the scapegoat at his workplace, having no one to talk to when the days were debauched. He was in his first year at his job, and nothing improved, not even his fame or identity. Exhausted and drained from his mundane life, he began to sketch the first page of his webtoon. The protagonist had the more stimulating and fascinating avatar, in comparison to his.
Suddenly, the lights closed due to a whirlpool, and he climbed to the highest level through ragged ladders. He opened the door and entered the dilapidated attic. Inside the attic, he found copious mysterious portals. Nevertheless, in the middle of the wispy and questionable portals, lied a chest. Behind the door, he could hear panicked voices of his boss and colleague. It was too late to return.
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