4 Jul 2018

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Hello, everyone.
My name is Taro.
Thank you for being here today.
Today, I am going to talk to you about meat.
Types of meat are beef and pork.
I think I will talk about beef this time.
Beef has various parts.
For example, neck, sirloin, rump, rib, tongue, flank, or tenderloin.
Neck is lean and less fat.
And, it is relatively inexpensive.
Sirloin is good in meat quality. And sweetness is felt in the fat.
Rump is a valuable part.
It fits a variety of dishes.
Rib is the thickest part, it is a part with a lot of marbling.
Besides, there are various features in various parts.
To sum up, in this presentation, I talked about various parts of meat.
Please try looking for the favorite parts of meat.
Thank you for listening.
does this sound natural?

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