16 Jul 2018

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Could you tell me which mistakes hat my text?

In my city it is quite normal that people do not wait in line the bus. They only stay as close to the door of the station as possible. Well then, on Sunday I was in the station looking for the bus stop and in front of one was a woman, but she seemed not to be waiting the bus because she was very far of the door. So, I stand in front of the girl to ensure that the right route stopped there, and since there stopped the bus I had to take, I stayed there, and the girl stayed behind me. Some minutes later a couple arrived and stayed behind the girl and then other people made a line. I felt a little bit hypocritical because I had started the line jumping the queue, but at the same time I was amused: “That was a wonderful moment, we looked like a civilized society”. However, that beautiful time did not last too much. The bus was delayed and people began to despair, and two young men jumped the queue and they ignored the people who reproach that, and then the chaos. The line broke up completely and everyone were as close as the door as possible.

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