26 Jul 2018

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—> There are 3 major disadvantages of the legalization of marihuana. First of all, legalization is certain to boost addiction rates. Marihuana is not too addictive likewise cigarettes. However, it is possible for people to be addictive if people often smoke pot. Because of the legalization of marihuana. second, marihuana will be a gateway to worse drugs. A university researchers found that teens who regularly smoke pot are an astronomical 26 times likelier to begin using other drugs by age 21. Third, it may they have permanent effects on brain development. Some scientists claimed that studies show that in teens who use Marihuana memory-related structures in the shrink and knowledge and verbal ability significantly decline Marihuana habit can cause a permanent loss in IQ I think there can be more risks which are not yet found.

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English (US) Mongolian Near fluent

English (US) Mongolian Near fluent

English (US) Mongolian Near fluent


English (US) Mongolian Near fluent
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