31 Jul 2018

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What does "dawned on" mean?

Anna would come down to the desk to ask for recommendations on places to eat or places to go, but it quickly became apparent that Anna already knew the best places to go. She even knew the owners, bartenders and waiters. So why was she getting so close to Neff?

It quickly dawned on Neff that Anna Delvey wasn’t a guest that needed her information, but rather wanted her time. She wanted a friend at the hotel and that’s exactly what she got. As Anna and Neff grew closer, so did the danger.

“You just sit there and listen, because that’s your concierge life,” Neff later recalled. The interactions weren’t foreign to her, but it was the first time that she stayed friends with a guest outside of work hours. Pretty soon they were going out to restaurants and clubs together.

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English (US)


English (US)
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