6 Aug 2018

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Is this report correct? Could you tell me if it has mistakes, please?
1. The aim of this report
The purpose of this document is to analyze the company environmental impact and suggest the actions to be taken in order to reduce it. The information used to prepare this report was gathered from the company annual environmental reports.
2. Company Environmental Impacts
All vehicles and machinery are powered by diesel engines and their emissions are a big problem for the people health. They can cause cancer desease.
The general waste is mixed with metallic scrap. The surplus material of steel piping and steel structures are not separated of other kind of junk.
A lot of occupational health and safety and quality documentation is generated during the constructions. A huge amount of paper is spent.
3. Suggestions to reduce company environmental impact
A lot of vehicles could be substituted by electric cars and vans so the diesel engine emissions would be reduced.
The metallic scrap that comes from the steel structures and piping surplus material could be separated and recycled instead of mix it with the general waste.
The occupational health and safety and quality documentation should be made electronically in order to spend less paper. A lot of unnecessary documentation is being created.
By following these recommendations the company environmental impact would be reduced, moreover, it will be better for the economy of the company in long term because other companies will pay for the metallic scrap.

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