8 Aug 2018

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What does Still, eating a cube of congealed blood isn’t in my book of cures when I’m trying my darndest not to hurl! mean?

This is from an article in which introduces some Korean foods that are interesting or disgusting to the Westerners. The part i am having problem understanding is "When I’m trying my darndest not to hurl!"

Firstly, i know the meaning of "do one's darndest" is just "doing one's best"
Secondly, to hurl means to throw away.

Okay, the reason why he said "book of cures" is because this food he is talking about is usually eaten in the following day after drinking alcohol. Korans believe or feel that this food relieves some of the pains caused by drinking a lot of alcohol yesterday. That's why he said "my book of cures"

In this context, plz tell me...what it means....?

As i am typing this down, i realized the object of the verb "hurl" might be "his book of cures". Still, however, i can't understand the whole sentence. Can you plz somebody there rephrase the sentence or explain the sentence?
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