11 Aug 2018

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*Would you trade your paper books for digital versions?*

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2.Also, e-books can be purchased anytime, anywhere. Even in the middle of the night the bookstore is closed, you can buy them while you are at home. Paper books can not be bought unless you go to the bookstore during the business hours , and sometimes they are out of stock even if you go to the shops. E-books never run out.
Furthermore, since e-books are digital data, it is easy to search by keywords, magnify small tables and graphs, and quote texts and figures to other materials. Of course we need to keep in mind the copyright, but e-books that can be quoted by copy and paste are useful for preparing academic papers and conference materials.
Therefore, I strongly recommend a digital version than paper book. Unfortunately not all of the paper books have been digitized. I’m looking forward to the advent of the era in which all books around the world can be read electronically as soon as possible.
does this sound natural?

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English (US)