11 Aug 2018

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What does "So much for the “new era” in relations Trump promised." mean?

When NATO leaders meet in Brussels this week, all eyes will be on Donald Trump and what has become his trademark of blowing up international summits.

The script is more or less written: Trump will berate the U.S.’s staunchest allies for not pitching in their fair share. He will lament the erroneous fact that America has played bouncer at Club NATO while other members have partied it up inside.

But we can sometimes forget that Trump’s full-throttled bluster is more Reality TV than reality, particularly when it comes to foreign policy. His “historic” summit with North Korea’s Kim Jong-un on June 12 is proving to be little more than a very expensive theatre performance. The “friendly” dialogue it was supposed to launch isn’t looking so friendly after all.

So much for the “new era” in relations Trump promised.

The NATO Summit will not be any different. The alliance will survive and Trump’s tantrums will blow up Twitter, but not much else. Of course, without U.S. backing NATO would almost certainly collapse but it’s unlikely the U.S. will outright abandon the alliance anytime soon, despite Trump’s very public attacks on it.

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