13 Aug 2018

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Question about English (UK)

Different types of: Laughter
He chuckled at my joke even though it wasn't very funny.
- She chortled with delight while she watched the funny movies.
- giggle /gigel/
The child giggled as he played with the puppy.

- snicker / sniker/
That company president snickered at Bella's invation, but another company bought it for one million dollars.

- cackel /keakel/
My cousins must be watching something funny. I hear them cackling in the next room.
- snigger /sniger/ ( primarily British English)
Jill's classmates sniggered at her mistake, so the teacher reprimanded them.

- Be rolling on the floor * (Informal)
His story was so funny. I was rolling on the floor!
* Rofl ( primarily used in the next messanging)
is short for * rolling on the floor laughing.

Is the English here correct?

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English (US) English (UK) Near fluent

English (US) English (UK) Near fluent