• 「Cbr」についての他の質問

    1. 他の質問
    2. You want to write this instead: Usually, in road engineering, the value of CBR is for computing pavement thickness. To do this, we have to use the Modify CBR. As you know, the value of Normal CBR can't be used for computing thickness. Including international project, we have never received only normal CBR before. We have always received the value of Modified CBR and Normal CBR together, and this data can't be separated. Since we received a CBR data in your soil report, we thought you missed it. If not, our geotechnical engineer thought that your country had another method for computing the pavement thickness by Normal CBR. So, I asked you "How does your country calculate pavement thickness?" When one of our road engineers suggested conducting the test pit, he explained to your company why you need it. You also mentioned in the email before that you requested CBR values for pavement. We need the values. However, for pavement in AASHTO, Normal CBR is useless. ****** Although in this case, the word "useless" comes across as harsh. You might say it a bit more delicately and say "Normal CBR does not help us compute pavement thickness". This will sound less rude.