Q: Montgomery described Emily's life more in a down-to-earth way than the far-fetched, fairytale-like description of Anne Shirley.
Anne is surrounded mostly by good-hearted people, but Emily is not.
After her father's death, Emily's late-mother's long-estranged relatives draw lots to decide which family should take her in.
Aunt Elizabeth's family "wins" and Emily goes to live in a farm called New Moon.
Although cousin Jimmy and aunt Laura are kind to her there, Emily has a hard time getting along with stern and autocratic aunt Elizabeth.
She attends school for the first time in her life, and is slapped in the face by the teacher and betrayed by a classmate who she believed was her best friend.
Emily becomes friends with a boy named Teddy, but his mother loves him so much that she becomes hate everyone and everything he loves by jealousy. この表現は自然ですか?
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Q: Montgomery bus boycottの発音を音声で教えてください。
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Q: In We walked north, following Montgomery as it crossed Columbus Avenue and rose up toward Telegraph Hill. The office buildings and restaurants soon gave way to upscale galleries and residences.
(1) Does "as" in "as it crossed" mean "until" or "as far as"
(2) Does "gave way to" being used in here mean the background scenery changed
(3) What word can replace "gave way to" to convey the same message in the sentence without changing any other part of the sentence?
A: 1. We know that Montgomery crossed Columbus Avenue. So if you say "as Montgomery crossed Columbus Avenue" or simply "as it crossed," you are stating a fact that the two streets cross each other. It's like saying "we followed the river as it wound its way around the mountain." It means that you are following a river that actually does wind its way around a mountain. Hopefully that makes sense.

2. Yes, that is what "gave way to" means. If you had twenty girls in a line, and then twenty boys in line behind the girls, and you were walking past the girls, then walking past the boys, you could say "the line was all girls, but suddenly gave way to the boys."

3. A simple way to say the last sentence is to replace "gave way" with "turned," or even "became," and the meaning of the sentence will not change because we already know that you are walking, and therefore you are moving and not standing still.

Hope this helps you out. :)