• 「Repost」を含む文の意味

    1. 文の意味
    2. Eine 'repost' ist eine post, die unoriginell ist.

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    2. TOEIC 900 Point Strategy Guide, part 3 For the Part 5 grammar questions, using reputable test prep workbooks from language study publishers, work on at least 1000 questions. Repeat those questions at least five times until your mistakes no longer occur. Finally, be sure that you're able to "instantly kill" one question every 10 to 20 seconds. Ultimately, a TOEIC-dedicated vocabulary book of indispensable words seems like it ought to be memorized. However, since if the aforementioned workbooks are repeatedly solved the majority of necessary words are bound to end up being committed to heart, it's likely that you won't spend that much time on word drills. Some vocabulary smartphone apps are available for sale, such as "Kikutan" by the Japanese publisher ALC Press, which is useful because it also has model sentences and pronunciations.

    1. 他の質問
    2. [TOEIC Method to achieve 900 points, Part 3] For the grammar problems of part 5, please use a part 5 problem collection, by a publisher specialising in language learning, which has received good reviews, and solve one thousand problems or more. Please repeat that, at least five times, until you are no longer make mistakes. By the time you're finished, you should be able to absolutely slaughter those problems within ten to twenty seconds each. Lastly, learn the essential vocabulary from a specialist TOEIC word book. If you've repeatedly studied all the previously described problem collections, then you should have memorised much of the essential vocabulary already. Therefore, learning all of the needed words by heart shouldn't take much additional time. There are several apps for memorising words available for smartphones. For example, the Japanese publisher ALC Press's word book app 'Kikutan TOEIC' includes sample sentences, voice recordings, and is very useful. (To be continued.) I added 'needed' even though your Japanese didn't include that meaning as it seems it suited the context. You always write 'TOEIC' as 'Toeic'. But, as it's an acronym, it would normally be written all in capitals. Is it common usage in Japan to write it as 'Toeic'? I made the smartphone apps 'available' instead of 'that can be purchased' as you write as it seemed to make the English more natural to me. But, the meaning is slightly different as my text could include free apps, but yours doesn't. You can replace 'available' with 'that can be purchased'. I was a bit worried by the noun 'word book' as I'm not sure I've seen that actually used in English. But, it may be that I've just not bought that sort of book. I was tempted to use 'dictionary', but I'm not sure that's correct for the context.