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    2. Thanks to YouTube, it became a hot topic. It was published as "title", which is based on an impressive true story**. Then, it was made into a movie directed by Takahisa Seze (who also directed "64"), scripted by Yoshikazu Okada ("Be With You"), with leading roles by Takeru Sato and Tao Tsuchiya. ** I can't tell if you meant based on a true story or that the publishing itself that was impressive. note: you'd have to specify what "it" is referring to in "it became a hot topic"

    1. 他の質問
    2. This movie describes a couple who fell from happiness to hell by a disease called Anti-NNBA receptor encephalitis. This disease occurred in one out of three million people before they reached marriage. You will be impressed by their pure and serious love. This movie is in the same genre as (movie title), which also released at the same time. Both movies are based on true stories. Fortunately, they are fine and now married. This is a common point in both movies. Mashashi Nakahara and Mai Nakahara are the main actors of the movie and celebrated their wedding on November 14. The wedding company took a video of them and then posted it. They captioned the video as the wedding that waited for eight years. After the video was posted, it spread and received many comments. This movie was originally a book that was encouraged by reviewers to be published. For script writer Yoshikazu Okanda, who is noted these days by (movie title), she has also made (?). Some parts I wasn't sure what to put and there wasn't a title for me to add. Hope I helped. :)