Q: physical attraction only lasts so long とはどういう意味ですか?
A: Eventually the newness of someone being gorgeous and sexy wears off and the boyfriend/girlfriend or husband/wife better have personalities that are compatible, or the relationship will be doomed.
Q: the attractions of a Boston とはどういう意味ですか?
A: 波斯顿的京点
Q: attraction とはどういう意味ですか?
A: it could mean like a "main tourist attraction" or when you feel an attraction toward someone meaning you think they are good looking
Q: attraction とはどういう意味ですか?
A: It can mean a popular place to visit.
-->Hollywood is a popular attraction.

It can also mean the strong feeling between 2 people.
-->I'm attracted to her. (can be considered sexual, so be careful when you use it in this way)


Q: attraction を使った例文を教えて下さい。
A: "I'm attracted to you."
Q: which one is better?
1. I love watching the coming attractions.
2. I love watching the trailers. を使った例文を教えて下さい。
A: coming attractions isn't used often in regular speech (atleast what I have come across. I mean unless you're talking about an amusement park). But, if it's in terms of a movie trailer then it would be trailer.


Q: The attractions in Tokyo と The attractions of Tokyo はどう違いますか?
A: They are very similar and usually mean the same thing.

“The attractions in Tokyo” might be like “東京で面白い物”. It talks about things that are in Tokyo. For example, if a fancy museum sends some paintings to be shown in Tokyo, then the paintings would be attractions in Tokyo.

“The attractions of Tokyo” is like “東京な面白い物”. It talks about Tokyo.
Q: attraction と attractiveness はどう違いますか?
A: attractiveness is a qualtiy that you see in a person. i.e her attractiveness is pleasing. attractive is a way to describe someone.

Whereas the word attraction is a way to describe a feeling. i.e I am experiencing attraction towards someone.

To recap. Attractive or attractiveness is a description and attraction is an emotion or feeling
Q: attraction と glamour と fascination はどう違いますか?
A: Tourist attraction
Women's glamour
When you're fascinated, you're so attracted that you may not even be able to take control of yourself.
Q: attraction と charm はどう違いますか?
A: Attraction usually refers to love/sexual desire and feelings toward someone. Charm is more neutral and doesn't have to include feelings of love. "he is charming" means he is very easy to like or be around.


Q: distinguish attractive and attraction? は 英語 (アメリカ) で何と言いますか?
A: "attractive" is an adjective. She's very attractive.
"attraction" is a noun. His attraction to her is strong (He's very attracted to her hắn mê cô ấy lắm).
Q: opposite of attraction は 英語 (アメリカ) で何と言いますか?
A: repulsion.
Q: attraction は 英語 (アメリカ) で何と言いますか?
A: Attraction


Q: E-book have three attraction points.

The first of all, it is not taking a place.

Second, you can looking it in anywhere if you have charged iPhone.

The last, you can seaching meaning of word which you don't understand on the spot.

However, the only weakness is you can't sell it even if you don't need it.




ただ、唯一の弱点は、要らなくなっても売れない事ですね、、。 この表現は自然ですか?
A: E-books have three attraction points.

First of all, it is not taking up space.

Second, you can look at it anywhere if you have a charged iPhone.

Lastly, you can seach the meaning of words you don't understand on the spot.

However, the only weakness is you can't sell it even if you don't need it.
Q: this attraction is temporary closed.の発音を音声で教えてください。
A: temporary=temporarily
Q: Would you like to go any specific local attraction? この表現は自然ですか?
A: Would you like to go TO any specific local attraction.
Q: Not only attractions focused on anime franchises but also a one focused on video games was made in the theme park. この表現は自然ですか?
A: USJ でしょうか? 😃😃

"‎Not only 🔺 were there attractions focused on anime franchises, but 🔺 there was also 🔺 one focused on video games 🔺 that was made in the theme park."
Q: ①Did you get on many attractions? ②Were you able to ride many attractions? (in Disney land) この表現は自然ですか?
A: 2 is perfect, but in English you don't 'get' attractions so 1 doesn't make sense