Q: What do we mean by coexistence?
A: it means two groups or societies living peacefully together or next to each other
Q: I think there is not coexistence between handicapped people and people who do not have disability, which I am going to name the latter people“ordinary people”.
This is because that ordinary people sometimes give handicapped person their cold stare when , for example , handicapped people utter loudly and also ,the other day , sad incident happened by the cause that most ordinary people have unsufficient understanding for handicapped people.
For the better future, the efforts should facilitate understandings between ordinary people and handicapped people.
Ordinary people need to know how handicapped people feel and their lives which contain same and not same parts.
A: There is no coexistence


Also, i think you should break down a long sentence into few sentences. Also not to force yourself to use fancy diction/words. My point is to make them more “readable”/easier to read and can be quickly understood. That way your idea will be quickly transferred to the listeners/readers.
Q: The coexistence of human and nature

In these days indiscreet developing in rural area causes many side effects that disturb to preserve nature. However, many places are requiring new houses for increased population recently.
The writer will describe about issues and solution that related with this topic.

Firstly, government has to properly analyse population of particular administrative territory, as well as they need to forbid building new houses more than necessary.
Secondly, they need to enforce new law to construct new structures in country side that avoid building in valuable natural places that deserve to conserve.
In these fact, as long as they follow to limit constructing new houses in country side, people can be coexisted with nature in the future with minimum harm and damage. Otherwise they will might be seen unexpected karma one day.

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