• 「Consequential」を含む文の意味

    1. 文の意味
    2. "consequential" means there are effects of doing something. Ex, moving to a new place is consequential because you would have to meet new people. it is often used when talking about something with negative effects.

  • 「Consequential」の類語とその違い

    1. 類語
    2. "Consequent" can be used as both an adjective and noun. A more precise use of consequent would be "follows" or "accompanies". "Consequent" is more commonly used in moderation English compared to "consequential". Example: "The new law and its consequent problems will make immigration more challenging." "Consequential" can only be used as an adjective. Consequential is generally used as "important" or "significant". Example: "The new immigration law has been the only piece of consequential legislation so far this year."