• 「Counterargument」を含む文の意味

    1. 文の意味
    2. When two people are having a debate, one will argue one side and the other will argue for the other side. a counter argument is an argument against a point that somebody just made. for example: If someone claims that, "girls and boys are equal in every way." a counter argument would be that, "there are physical differences between boys and girls that make them different, and therefore not equal in every way."

  • 「Counterargument」の類語とその違い

    1. 類語
    2. Counterargument is an argument (point/reason/view/evidence) that your opponent/or the one you're talking to would make. Husband: We need to get a car. (argument) Wife: but we don't have a car park. (counterargument) Counterpoint on the otherhand, is contrasting or showing differences when compared. Her messy closet counterpoints her tidy room. I hope this helps!